PhotoHunt — Lock

Photo by Artlover, LH

In this picture we see that the arm clamp is released from the tone arm and the turntable is ready to play.
It may be my contribution to the (un)locked to the week's theme:-)

More participants around the world are in:

The theme of the week is "Lock"

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Classy picture.


Interesting... I had no idea what that was but I thought I could see locks on it...(the things with the numbers?) This has been an interesting theme...

Tara R.

Very unique shot, love the black and white.


Oj, jag har nästan glömt hur en skivspelare såg ut:) Det var länge sedan en sådan fanns i vårt hus:)


A wonderful shot! I'd forgotten all about the locks on turntables. Great take on the theme.


You rarely see turntables these days... great shot and I love the black and white. Yes, we still have a turntable here for all the ancient records.

Mine is up <a href=''>here.</a>


Snyggt foto på temat. En sådan detalj gör sig mycket bra i svartvitt.

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