Monochrome Weekly — Life is a constant digging
Photo by Artlover, LH

But soon it´s Christmas and you may rest.
To you all I want to wish you a Merry Christmas.

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Buckets of fun...:)

Nancy Bea

Excellent composition. I can feel the tension of the heavy scraping tines resting on the surface, their weight causing them to sink slightly into the earth.

John McDevitt

I can feel the sheer power in these massive machines through your excellent image.


An appropriate story to this hungry monster at this time of the year. Good post.

Greensboro Daily PHoto

The most famous builder in our town talked about how much he loved the feeling of being behind his bulldozer and the smell of fresh dirt. He loved the feeling of starting a new building. Your photo reminds me of him, Mr. Khoury.


Så sant så men det är inte alla som vågar gräva i det förflutna. Sen gäller det att inte fastna där utan gå vidare och se det ljusa och positiva. Snyggt val och God Jul

Tammy McChesney

Love those teeth which are ready to eat the perspective!


En riktigt God Jul önskar jag dig!


Flott bild som vanligt!

God fortsättning på julen<3<3

Kramar från Pennelina

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