Candlelight — 39/365 (My last photo to 365 Photo Challenge)

Photo by Artlover, LH

Here is my last photo to 365 Photo Challenge. I did not achieve tlll 365 images, far from that goal. But my main goal was to challenge myself with nice (I hope) photos and share with them to other photo challenger. Quality over quantity, you know.
I want to thank everyone who has followed me throughout the year. I want to give special thanks to Tammy McChesney and Julie McLeod who has followed me faithfully and written comments here.With this image I want to wish everyone a bright and happy new year.

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Tammy McChesney

Thanks Leif and what a way to end the year, this is simply beautiful! I think you have the "quality" thing down, each and every one of your images are a piece of art! Wishing you a very Happy New Year! :)


Congratulations Leffe on completing our project. It was a long year! Hope you are feeling better and I wish you a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year.


Your photos are definately high quality. This one is brilliant. Happy New Year!

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